Ve dnech 19.7.-21.7.2019 màme dovolenou.

Dne 1.8.2019 máme dovolenou.


Řecko #Řecko #IOANNINA nový klub pro topless #tanečnice a #hostesky zde a v budoucnu plánujeme přidat i klub na #ostrově #Korfu.


Severní Makedonie #Severní #Makedonie Nový klub ve městě #Gostivar pro gogo i topless tanečnice a hostesky nejen z EU/EHP zde.


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Profil klubu

Profilová fotka

Základní údaje

Číslo: 270005
Město: Cape Town
Země: Jihoafrická republika
Minimální karta pro získání angažmá: červená
Minimální počet bodů pro získání angažmá: 0
Minimální délka angažmá: 14 dní
Maximální počet umělců v klubu: 70
Maximální prodloužení angažmá: 365 dní
Limit pro zrušení angažmá: 7 dní předem
Klub vyplácí: honorář
Popis privátního dne: free
Popis půlprivátního dne:
Měna: ZAR
Časové pásmo: GMT+2 Časová pásma
Frekvence výplaty honorářů: den
Frekvence výplaty procent z drinků a tanců: den

Otevírací doba a směny

Otevírací doba klubu:
Pondělí: 7pm - 4am
Úterý: 7pm - 4am
Středa: 7pm - 4am
Čtvrtek: 7pm - 4am
Pátek: 7pm - 4am
Sobota: 7pm - 4am
Neděle: zavřeno
Poznámka k pracovní době a směnám:

Požadované jazykové znalosti

Jazyky: Angličtina (ZA) - aktivně (požadovaný)
Poznámka k jazykům:

Nabízené pozice, show a konzumace

 tanečnice (full-stripe) [OSVČ]
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (topless) [OSVČ]
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (specální show)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (full stripe)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (topless)
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 hosteska / konzumentka
  • honorář: neuvedeno
 tanečnice (full stripe) nonEU
  • honorář: neuvedeno
Poznámka k pracovním pozicím:
Show: lesbi-show - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (140 euro only private VIP show on client request ( not compulsory))
 konzumace / drinky - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (we have menu for dancers , either open until 3am , you get 20% commission of French champagne (bottles only ))
 Strip (full nude show) - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (one a week, prior rehearsals with our choreographer )
 Lap dance - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (lap dance ( no touch ) - 20 euro for 2 songs)
 Privátní tanec / show - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (60-140 euro per dance depends on time )
 Table dance - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (table dance 20 euro (no touch) - for 2 songs)
 Stage - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (each dancer goes to stage once or twice a night )
 House dollar / tip - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (You keep 100% tip)
 V.I.P. show - cena: neuvedeno, honorář: neuvedeno neuvedeno (60-140 euro depends on length )
Poznámka k provozovaným show:
Konzumace (drinky):
Procenta z drinků při platbě kartou: stejná jako při platbě hotově


Klub poskytuje ubytování: Ano
Cena ubytování: 100 dollars ZAR / týden
Vybavení ubytování: postel
 WIFI V klubu je WiFi
Poznámka k ubytování: Big , spacious , modern rooms , right above the club Maximum of 3 girls per room. Shared showers on each floor and kitchen.
Klub hradí umělci dopravu z bydliště: Ne


Vyzvednutí při příjezdu: Ano
Telefon pro vyzvednutí:
Lokální doprava: zajišťuje klub
Poznámka k dopravě:

Popis klubu

DANCERS FOR INFORMATION Applicants: Updated November 17

South Africa is a beautiful country Where the strip club industry is Extremely popular. Mavericks Revue Bar is in Cape Town Which is a safe, world class tourist destination with friendly and passionate people from all over the world.   We win many international awards with business tourism and high end tourists traveling here every year.          . 

At Mavericks Revue Bar we are ready to welcome dancers of all nationalities.

Mavericks opened in 2001and is Recognized Internationally ITS for Quality of Service, offering and of course Dancer.   Set up over three floors with plush leather couches and deep wood you will feel welcome and warmed by the vibrant, Sophisticated atmosphere.   The club offers the Customers table dances, private and private lap dances in VIP Fantasy 4 Separate lounges with private booths.   The accommodation is very clean, comfortable and secure for dancers of Mavericks only.   There is a pool deck, two full kitchens, laundry and facilitates internet. 

If you are looking for strip dancing jobs in the most exclusive clubs in the world Then you should make your way to Cape Town and join the team of Mavericks Dancers.  

Exchange rate.   South Africa's currency is the Rand or ZAR.   At the time of writing exchange rates are: $ 1 to R14, R15 to 1 euro.   Dancer Make Their Money in Rands.

Information for Dancers Club:


· You are self employed, with the money you make is yours. We do not pay salariés.

        Foreign Dancer weekly pay levies of R3 950.00 per week That includes accommodation 

.         SA dancers pay R2650 per week for levies + R1300 if they '' select to stay in our   accommodation

.         First two weeks levies are paid while working and after this to be paid in advance. 

          Weekly penalties are applied if you do not pay in advance or have not paid your penalties.
· The club has a hairdresser, pole dance teacher, Choreographer and stage manager

· All dancers must do a choreographed fantasy show (full strip) once per week 

.         Normal field stage dancing every night (topless).   This is your chance to advertise yourself
· The average dancer makes +/- R 50 000.00 to R120 000 per month.   Top earners make far more
           Than this.

.         A Nurse works Afternoons Week 5 and it help with any medical problems and Provide sick notes 

Travel and visas:
· You must pay your own travel. 

·         Visa requirements depends on your country.   Directly discusses with the club.

 Dress Code:

· All dancers have to Their Own beautiful costumes and are assisted with the fantasy show outfit 

. Bring elegant, classy, sparkly, colorful, fun & professional looking costumes & gowns; bring sexy        

          lingerie / dresses

. We have a lady That sells shoes and costumes in the club.     

. Wearing only panties / bra costume or is not allowed      

Dancers in the club:

· You have no fixed contract however it is recommended to work no less than 3 months.
· Work with 5 nights per week.   One day off per week -and closed on a Sunday.  

.       Dancers must arrive at 6:50 pm club - Opens the club at 7pm. The club closes at 4am.   

.       Smoking is Permitted only in smoking areas.

.       Mavericks is a strip club.   No sexual Acts are Permitted. · Stage dancing is on a rotation of two songs per stage, second song topless

Private and table dances are nude.

               VIP Fantasy dance is dance touch above waist only (we call it a Fantasy Dance)

Stage is dancing topless, with stage shows full nude (once a week) 

.       Mavericks has over 140 cameras Including dance in every booth to make sure you are safe
         and sticking to the rules.

Dancers earnings (after club booth Fees):
· Table Dance for 6 minutes: R300
· Private Lap Dance for 6 minutes: R250
· VIP Lounges:            Fantasy Dance: R 800 per 15 minutes
· VVIP Library Lounge     Fantasy Dance: R 2000 for 30 minutes · French champagne sold by Dancer earns 20% commission.

.         No other commission is paid for drinks

· The accommodation is apartment style next door to the club with 2 or 3 beds per room.   This is a
          full self catering with FREE WIFI, satellite TV, swimming pool, kitchens, laundry facilities,
          personal safe (for valuables), personal dressing table, mini fridge and cupboards.   24 hour
          security is on duty.

· We have a House Mom WHO Assists When you arrive you and will help you settle in (mobile 

          phones, Where to shop for food, doctor, gym etc).  

.         We also collect you from the airport.

.         There is a once off cost of R1500 for linen Which is added to your account.   This includes: high 

          quality and duvet cover, sheet and mattress cover, pillow, pillow case and towel.

.         A refundable deposit of R2000 is required on arrival.   This is for damages and a key deposit.